Family life can be busy and stressful and for many of us, the idea of the whole family sitting together at meal time, enjoying good food and having a civilized conversation is beyond our imagination.  

We’re so used to eating in front of the television or out of a pizza box that many of us don’t even remember what a joy family dinners could be.  And then there’s the tablemonsters - messy and grouchy, spilling their drinks, talking with their mouths full, playing at the table…dinnertime is far from calm when these little monsters come to dine.  

The good news is, teaching kids manners can be fun. Purchase this interesting, interactive and educational e-book, written by Canada’s leading etiquette expert Lew Bayer, “Tablemonsters” and put some manners on the menu today.  

Topics include: five simple rules for dining etiquette, using utensils, top ten dining mistakes and more.

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